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Ready to Unlock Your Ultimate Performance?

Get Access to the Most Holistic Training and Recovery System

Rewire is a human performance system that provides evidence-based solutions for tracking your readiness to perform, building mental resilience, and improving mind/body recovery. Rewire's patent-pending technology integrates protocols used by the Navy SEALs, NASA and neuroscience to help you reach your ultimate potential.
Rewire takes a holistic approach to achieving peak performance by providing tools for training and recovery of both the mind and body.

Understand Your Health Data

Rewire uses your health data to provide you with a comprehensive readiness score you can understand. We recognize that schedules are complex, and you can’t always adapt your plans based on your readiness score. Rewire’s patent-pending algorithm pinpoints your specific areas of need each day and provides you with a personalized recovery program tailored to your goals to help you perform at your best.

Build Mental Resilience

Rewire's Neuro Training protocols are backed by over 10 years of scientific research and have been shown to reduce perceived level of exertion thereby increasing physical performance and mental resilience over time.

Train Smarter, Recover Faster

Rewire works to help you stay sharp, maintain motivation, and give you the resilience to power through your toughest challenges and recover faster.

Achieve Maximum Human Performance


Train both your body and mind with Rewire's integrated resilience training system that can be used with a variety of different sports and activities.


Measure and track your readiness to perform across a holistic set of data points using cognitive, physical and emotional measures. 


 Follow a personalized recovery program to help you optimize your performance each day using protocols from NASA ,The Navy Seals, and Neuroscientists. 

Ready To Learn A New Way To Train Your Mind And Body?

The science has been around since 2009 and has been heavy validated across a variety of different sports. 

Our solution has been covered in the media and featured in articles such as Outside magazine and the science behind Rewire has been featured in very well known performance books like Endure by Alex Hutchinson and the Playmaker’s Advantage

The science was first established in 2009 and has been validated across a variety of different sports. Our solution has been covered in the media and featured in articles such as Outside magazine and the science behind Rewire has been featured in well known books such as Endure by Alex Hutchinson and The Playmaker’s Advantage

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Rewire officially launch?

- We will be launching Rewire end of Aug 2021

What does Rewire work with?

- Rewire pairs with all standard Bluetooth enabled Power Meters for cycling
- Standard Bluetooth heart rate monitors
- The Oura Ring
- Google Fit
- Apple Health
- Strava

When will we get our Neuro Buttons?

Estimated shipping date from our factory in Nov 2021

How long is the refund period?

30 day unlimited warranty get a full refund for any reason

1 year warranty on brain training hardware   

How do I contact support?

Please contact us at
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